How To Use Special Setting of Budak EA



Time Frame : M1 for setting of Scalping Strategy --> Pair GBPUSD (only)

Time Frame : H4, D1 for setting of Swing Strategy --> Pair GBPUSD, EURUSD

Invest 1k$ for each pair (recommendation)

special setting (preset)

Important ! 

Each currency pair has a different fluctuation range. We designed this setting to apply only to 2 currency pairs EURUSD and GBPUSD for swing trading and GBPUSD for scalping only. It will not be suitable for other currency pairs. Especially XAUUSD.

Money Management ! 


This is the best setup for $1000 capital which we recommend for our members. You can use it for a real account without a demo testing, because we have used it in a long time trading with a very good result.

Please watch the video to understand how to set it up.

Best Broker !

If you look closely at the backtest video, you will notice that the EA will open an order after the candle closes. So in case it is the last H4 candle of the day (somtimes), most brokers won't let us open an order due to the "Markets is close" error. However, in our experience the above error does not occur with FBS broker and we are also using FBS for this strategy on our real accounts.

Another important thing is related to spread. As you know, each broker or trading account has a different spread. According to our experience. With this scalping strategy, FBS broker gives the best results. That's why this Broker is always one of the top choices for EA Trader

👉 FBS ►

If you are not sure your curent broker is suitable for EA trading or not, you should try running it with a demo account first. Then check "Experts" tab in MT4 to check "Markets is close" error appear or not.

Protect your money ! 

Always use STOP LOSS in trading (you should use an Equity Protector EA to close all trades if the drawdown reaches about 30% balance, download Equity Protector EA here )

If you do not understand how to separate the capital with this setting, don't be hesitate to ask the owner in telegram👉

Recommend Best Broker for EA Trading

👉 FBS ►

👉 Exness ►

👉 FXTM ►

👉 OctaFX ►

👉 Tickmill ► (IB83250572)

👉 XM ►

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