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When you decide to use a Forex trading strategy. Before applying it to your real account. Ask yourself if that strategy can alive when the market moves 1000 pips or more without a big retracement. If you can't answer that question yourself. Your account will continue to be burned.

Most people want to make money quickly in Forex trading. Therefore they set daily profit target and choose Scalping Trading Strategies. As a result, most of them lose money when the market made some big moves (about 1000 pips) . Advice here: Set monthly target, choose swing trading instead of scalping. You will see a better results.

Before you want to make money in this risky Forex market. Think about how to survive first.


If you don't want to WASTE TIME searching a good setting for the robot. 

This EA and SETTING could be what you are looking for

Please remember that most #ForexEA on the internet is not secure enough and can put your trading account at high risk. 

An Forex EA can certainly do things that a human cannot do. They can be programmed to monitor multiple currency pairs at the same time and execute trades based on certain algorithms. They are not going to be influenced by emotions but we humans have to deal with emotions effectively for successful trading. But any Forex EA can go wrong when there is an unexpected change in the market.

So Yes, Forex EA can work to some extent but they cannot completely replace human traders. You cannot let a robot to trade for the rest of your life…

There are two things to remember when using Forex EA. You will have to spend a lot of time to find out robots that actually work base on your style or the profit you want. There are countless products in the market and a lot of them are scams.

You should monitor the market and do fundamental analysis all by yourself. A robot cannot do that. You should be able to guess when the robot forex can go wrong, based on the situation in the market, and just stop its work for the time being.

An Forex EA is like accessories. You can use it at certain times but you cannot completely rely on them. With careful monitoring, you can make use of them to your benefit. If you are aware of both the pros and cons and know how to choose a good one from thousands of products available in the market, then it should not be a problem.

These Forex EAs in this channel are all programmed by experienced traders. But you have to use first the Strategy Tester to optimize them according to your trading style.

If you want to make money from trading forex with EA. Please follow the procedure:

👉 Back Test – Forward Test (demo) - Real (test) – REAL

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